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I will do everything in my power to help families understand their rights and avoid fraudulent activity!.”

— Deborah McGuire

N MYRTLE BEACH, SC, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — N Myrtle Beach, S.C – Fair Play Facts, LLC., a one of a kind Reference Website which focuses on Families experiencing Homicides with Education of their Rights, Terminology and Guidance on “Standard Protocol” procedures which U.S Prosecutors should be following, reaches 50,000!

Fair Play Facts is a necessity in today’s World. Families going through the torments of Homicide should not depend on the Justice system in the U.S. for answers. " With so many cases not being prosecuted properly and ongoing "Color of the Law" violations within our system, families need to have a resource", states Deborah McGuire, creator. “I will do everything in my power to help families understand their rights and avoid fraudulent activity".

To gain momentum, Fair Play Facts planned and executed the following tactics:
• Education and research on the laws which apply to Prosecutors in our Country.
• Development of a simple, clear space for families to understand terminology, rights & what to expect after a
• Video launches regarding violations & rights.

www.fairplayfacts.com is based out of S. Carolina yet covers the U.S.A. Its goal is to ensure knowledgeable families, offer legal reference through Wrongful Death and Estate/Probate Attorney referral, STOP “Color of the Law” violations and to promote awareness.


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Buddhism, Traditional Internal Healing Arts at Eastover, Lenox, MA – Lama Migma, Andrew Holecek, Ofosu Jones-Quartey

Reception hall, library, tea room, meditation room, board room and luxuries bedrooms

Totally renovated nostalgic Berkshire Summer Cottage

Sheng Zhen Meditation

Junfeng Li in Sheng Zhen Meditation

Forest Bathing - Eastover Estate and Retreat in Lenox, MA is the perfect site

Trails, wet land, forest, beaver pond – perfect for Forest Bathing

As an Empty Vessel, Holding Space for Different Teaching Modalities, Eastover, in Lenox, welcomes Buddhism, Daoism, Shamanism & other Traditional Healing Arts

We come together to: “Make way for what we truly are in essence – infinitely free beings, embodiment of love on every level, sparks of the divine, perfect and full"”

— Former National Martial Art Head Coach of China, Junfeng Li

LENOX,, MA, US, February 1, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eastover as the steward of a 600-acre sanctuary in the downtown area of Lenox, MA is an empty vessel, holding the space for others to organize and conduct their holistic work.

Unaffiliated with any specific spiritual tradition, its eclectic open-hearted receptivity aims to support the continuing emergence of holistic and ecological ideas capable of renewing our culture and leading the way to a sustainable planet.

This summer, with help of former programing director of the New York Open Center, Jonathan Bricklin, Eastover will host several Dhamar and Tibetan traditional programs. New England's leading Center for many of the world renowned traditional Chinese medicine and internal arts practices, such as qigong and taichi, martial arts, Eastover is home for such master teachers as William CC Chen, Lee Moy Shan a/k/a Dougalus Lee, Junfeng Li, Yang Fukui, Joe Lok from Hong Kong, Rick Barrett, Terry Dunn, and Teresa Yeung from Canada.

In the Vipassana tradition, a New England Dharma Family retreat is planned for July.

In April Harvard University Buddhist Chancellor Lama Migma will bring The Medicine Buddha to Eastover, Lenox. This is a wonderful program for healers, who often have to carry the symptoms of their patients. Retreats like this help to release toxins and promote self-cleansing.

The "guru of physicians," Medicine Buddha was first introduced to Tibet in the eighth century. Since then, Medicine Buddha has become a powerful spiritual healing practice in Tibetan Buddhism.
This program begins with a teaching and transmission by Lama Migmar Tseten on the Medicine Buddha Sutra, emphasizing the healing of sentient beings. Lama Migmar bestows the Medicine Buddha Empowerment to connect with Medicine Buddha and receive the blessings and healing energies of his enlightened light body, mantra, and wisdom. You also receive instruction on the meditation practice of Medicine Buddha.

Learn how to combine the sadhana (spiritual practice) with the technique of blessing medicinal substances to enhance their healing function. This program concludes with Medicine Buddha sadhana and a medicine-blessing ceremony.

Starting on the July 4th weekend, Andrew Holecek will bring The Art of Lucid Dreaming – Dream Yoga to Eastover.

One of the most beautiful aspects of dream yoga is that it leads to the discovery of a sacred world. Here's how this magical discovery comes about. When you're in a dream, there seems to be a subject (you) perceiving an object (the dream). There’s an unquestioned sense that the dream somehow appears on the screen of your mind, and you’re sitting somewhere in this theater of the mind watching it. The screen and the dream images seem to be “out there” and you’re somewhere deeper “in here.” But take a closer look. Examine your dream experience from the perspective of waking consciousness. The dream state is the “example dream” or “double delusion,” that when understood can lead to a deeper comprehension of the “real dream” or “primary delusion” of daily life. Look at the double-delusion from the perspective of the primary delusion, and you’ll discover that sense of duality to be illusory.
There’s no overt dream yoga involved with this investigation. Anybody can do this. Look closely at last night’s dream and you will discover that there is no subject, no object, and no act of perception. This is called “three-fold purity,” which is another term for non-duality. In other words, nonduality occurs when we purify the illusion of subject, object, and the impure perception that seems to separate these two.
What’s going on here? How is your nightly perception of the dream taking place? How do you know your dream? The answer is subtle, and the implications are profound. The objects in your dream know themselves. They are reflexively aware. They illuminate themselves, from the deepest and fundamentally ineffable level of mind that the Tibetans call the “clear-light mind.” Everything that appears in the dream is the nondual illumination of the non-dual clear-light mind. The dream has no dreamer.

In this 8 day retreat, attendees will:

*Build daytime and nighttime practices to help induce lucidity
*Utilize both Eastern and Western techniques for developing dream incubation and increasing dream recall
*Work with the latest technology and apps designed to wake you up in your dreams
*Manage common obstacles to lucid dreaming
*Transform insomnia, reduce nightmares, and work with other sleep disorders
*Create a foundation for optimal sleep hygiene

Eastover – Steward of the 600-acre sanctuary, only minutes from downtown Lenox, Tanglewood and other cultural centers. Dedicated to serving the greater holistic community – Eastover is an alternative lodging approach. Pursuing an eco-friendly balance with the adjacent highly sensitive environment and the local community. Every drop of water used on the property is reclaimed by the eco-water treatment plant that does not use any chemicals.
Eastover offers spacious workshop and program rooms with multiple meeting and studio facilities for teachers, groups, company retreats and trainings.
The Estate is designed around an evocative “Summer Cottage” to immerse you in a contemplative and holistic environment from the moment you enter its grounds: from its courtyards and terraces overlooking English and Japanese gardens, to its sun-drenched Terrace Café and its inviting mix of manicured lawns and meadows, woodland trails and breathtaking views of the Berkshire Mountains. Eastover offers a wide variety of spacious and comfortable overnight accommodations to fit everyone’s budget, from rustic, to contemporary to luxurious.

yingxing wang
Eastover Estate and Retreat
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Eastover – Stands for Earth, Ecological Health, Environment, Eco-water Treatment, Energy Healing

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