Bard on the Beach Extends Its Record-Breaking 29th Season With Added Shows

Lindsey Angell and Nadeem Phillip in Bard on the Beach’s As You Like It, photo David and Emily Cooper

This season has been an unprecedented hit. We’re breaking all our attendance records, and all four of our plays have resonated with critics and patrons. But As You Like It is a unique phenomenon. ”

— Christopher Gaze

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, July 31, 2018 / — Bard on the Beach announced today that as a result of record-breaking demand for its ‘60s-inspired romantic comedy As You Like It, the Festival’s 29th season will be extended by a week to allow for added performances. The closing night for the Beatles-song-filled musical will now be on Friday, September 28, with four added performances in the extension week.

Says Artistic Director Christopher Gaze, “This season has been an unprecedented hit. We’re breaking all our attendance records, and all four of our plays have resonated with critics and patrons. But As You Like It is a unique phenomenon. Its audiences are cheering with enthusiasm and excitement and it’s become a huge favourite with people of all ages, and from dedicated Shakespeare fans to those who don’t know Shakespeare at all! Performances are close to sold out through to September, and we want as many people as possible to experience the delights of this remarkable production. And we know a number of our patrons are seeing the show more than once! So we’ve made the decision to add shows, and extend our season by an extra week in Vanier Park – a first for the Festival.”

Additional performances of As You Like It are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, Sept 25-28, at 7:30pm.

The Festival’s productions of Macbeth, also on the BMO Mainstage, and Lysistrata, on the Howard Family Stage, will both close on Thursday, September 13. Closing night for Timon of Athens, on the Howard Family Stage, will be Sunday, September 9. Availability for some performances is very limited – check online or call the Bard Box office.

Visit for full details on all the productions and upcoming special events (Bard-B-Q & Fireworks and Opera & Arias: Bold and Beautiful), the revised schedule and to buy tickets, or call the Bard Box Office at (604) 739-0559.

About Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival
Bard on the Beach is one of Canada's largest not-for-profit, professional Shakespeare festivals. Established in 1990, the annual summer festival’s mission is to perform, explore and celebrate the genius of William Shakespeare, surrounded by the natural beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia. The 2018 Festival will run in Vanier Park from June 6 to (extended date) September 28. Bard also offers year-round education and training programs for youth, adults and theatre professionals in its administrative home at the BMO Theatre Centre in Vancouver’s Olympic Village as well as in schools and community facilities throughout BC’s Lower Mainland.

For more information and for interviews, contact Cynnamon Schreinert.
Tel: 604-802-2733;

Cynnamon Schreinert
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Bard on the Beach trailer for As You Like It

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John Smith Insurance Discusses the Risks for Dog Owners with Home Insurance in Colorado Springs

John Smith works for John Smith Insurance Agency which provides car insurance in Colorado Springs. Affordable rates and superior service for all home, auto and business/commercial insurance needs.

Dog owners are a higher risk for agencies that provide home insurance in Colorado Springs.

When buying home insurance in Colorado Springs, think about how much one incident can cost. You don’t want to end up selling your home or liquidating your retirement fund to pay for the medical bills.”

— John Smith

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2018 / — Dog owners are a higher risk for agencies that provide house insurance in Colorado Springs. They may bite a person even if they are not known to be dangerous or a guard dog. You need to understand these risks and be prepared if you plan to get a four-legged friend to add to your family. John Smith Insurance discusses those risks to help homeowners understand what they need to do.

John Smith Insurance recommends doing plenty of research before getting a dog. Compare breeds and know what kind of behavior to expect. If the person chooses to get a dog from the pound or a rescue, they need to ask a veterinarian or another expert about breeding to ensure the animal fits their needs. They should also pay attention to behavior signals for signs of aggression. It is also a good idea to visit the dog a few times and see how it reacts to children and other animals. For those who prefer to get a pup, they can attend obedience classes to teach the dog how to listen to commands. If they get an older dog, they will need to give it time to adjust to a new home and routine. It may be best to limit contact with visitors until the dog feels safe.

The dog owner will need to carry enough home insurance to protect them from a claim if the dog should bite someone. Even the best behaved dogs can cause an accident if they are afraid or feel challenged. The owner should always have them on a leash when they go for a walk. They should shorten the leash when they meet or pass someone, especially if the other person has a dog as well. The property should have a fence or a kennel to keep the dog away from visitors, including mail carriers, utility workers and delivery drivers.

When considering the amount of liability insurance a homeowner should carry, it is important to understand the costs involved with this type of incident. A minor dog bite might only require some antibiotics for infection and possibly stitches. A major attack can include emergency treatment, multiple surgeries, therapy and reconstruction. This can run into thousands of dollars. Once the home insurance limits have been reached, the other expenses are the responsibility of the homeowner.

“We always advise people to think about worst case scenario in a claim,” says John Smith. “When buying home insurance in Colorado Springs, think about how much one incident can cost. You don’t want to end up selling your home or liquidating your retirement fund to pay for the medical bills.” Smith recommends purchasing a policy with enough coverage to pay for a major incident. If a person has quite a few assets, they may even need an umbrella policy to cover extra expenses or a lawsuit. Owning a dog can be fun and rewarding, but a person must be prepared for injuries that can result.

John Smith
John Smith Insurance Agency
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League of Women Voters not sponsoring Debate on Aug 2

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, July 31, 2018 / — Would the League sponsor a US Senator Candidate debate on August 2 on TVW?

News Release Is In Error!

Please be aware that contrary to the referenced press release —

The League of Women Voters of Washington will not be a sponsor for the debate that Mr. Deal suggests.

LWVWA only sponsors debates that it has worked to plan, using the rules for debate that the League has developed to ensure that all candidates are included in a fair and balanced exchange.

This is the first LWVWA is hearing about this suggested debate for August 2. Mr. Deal released the information prior to any contact with LWVWA.

LWVWA has had no contact with TVW nor any venue nor any candidates with regard to this debate.

Ann Murphy

Ann Murphy
League of Women Voters of Washington
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Busy Families Can Benefit From This Meal Kit Delivery Service

What a Crock Meals To Go Logo

What a Crock Meals to Go is the next big meal kit delivery service. Eliminating processed foods, this company is starting to change the meal delivery landscape.

Chemically processed foods are made solely from refined ingredients and artificial substances. Our crock pot creations are made fresh and then frozen immediately–serving a healthy alternative.”

— Brieanna West, Founder

BROOKHAVEN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2018 / — We live in a world of innovation. As a society, we are constantly looking for ways to simplify tasks and save time. This holds true to food preparation and has become apparent with the rise of meal prep delivery options.

About a decade ago, a phenomenon started occurring in American grocery stores. Someone had the genius idea of selling meal kits that contained all of the ingredients you would need to feed a family of 2 or 4 instead of needing to purchase and measure all of the ingredients separately. Additionally, some retailers had the idea of pre-slicing or cooking the ingredients to help save preparation time along with including recipe cards of instructions. This meal option was met with overwhelming success, and it was only a matter of time before someone turned this small, grocery shopping idea into its own business.

If by chance, the majority of the components are included and pre-measured, what else could these retailers do to make the meal prep process easier? Get the meals sent to your home.

Meal Kit Delivery: A New Culinary Industry

From New York City to the deep Southern states, many meal kit companies have emerged that all claim they’re the best. Whether it’s Martha Stewart or Amazon Fresh, they all can’t be the best. An industry has been created, threatening grocery stores and the traditional way of preparing dinner as we know it. There are now more than 100 meal delivery plans available in some form or another, from those who specialize in microwavable meals and juice cleanses to those who sell healthy crockpot meals.

A meal kit delivery subscription is a complicated purchase. The traditional services mail you three nights’ worth of portioned, fresh ingredients and the corresponding recipes to prepare them. Is there a perfect meal kit delivery service?

According to experts, the industry is predicted of being a multi-billion-dollar market by 2022, and about 19% of adults claim that they have tried a meal kit service at least once. Which is the best? There are many factors that go into determining that.

How What a Crock Compares

When trying to decide which meal kit delivery service option is best, there are a few factors to weigh. What are the cheapest options? Which choices will provide you with the best home-cooked meals? We’ve highlighted five of the most popular meal kit delivery services in the country to see how What a Crock compares:

1. Plated
According to Money, Plated is the “best meal kit service on the market.” Plated offers creative recipes that you probably wouldn’t usually prepare on your own. These recipe options require a bit of skill in the kitchen and don’t always come with all of the ingredients you need to make the dish, such as oil or eggs.

How What a Crock Compares:
What a Crock has less prep time but doesn’t necessarily have dishes that are as “creative” or “adventurous” as the ones through Plated. The aspects that What a Crock does have instead is a larger variety of meals, a lower minimum order requirement, and the option to ship to the entire country.

2. Blue Apron
When it comes to meal kits that are prepared with recipes, Blue Apron is one of the best. It is not necessary of being a culinary whiz to take on a seared steak or saffron pasta dish. However, Blue Apron’s recipe database is quite limited. Each week you are only given about 8-12 options to choose from and the prep/cooking time tends to be longer than other services; about 40-70 minutes on average. Blue Apron sets themselves apart from the rest with a wine delivery program which finds the best wines to pair with your meal plans, delivered right with your food.

How What a Crock Compares: What a Crock’s menu is much more in-depth. Meal prep time virtually disappears. What a Crock’s $40 minimum order requirement is also much lower than Blue Apron’s $60 requirement.

3. HelloFresh
HelloFresh has a similar model to Blue Apron but with quicker prep times; usually 20-30 minutes. HelloFresh breaks down their categories into “fit” meals, “quick” meals, and “variety.” The meals are also a bit simpler and less adventurous than the others we’ve highlighted. Depending on the culinary journey, it could either be good or bad based on what the consumer wants to experience.

How What a Crock Compares: HelloFresh was the most comparable to What a Crock in terms of variety, healthy options, low prep time, and low price.

4. Sun Basket
Sun Basket prides itself on offering health-conscious recipes that can accommodate almost any diet. Sun Basket’s main talking points are about its use of organic produce to have a fully organic meal with clean ingredients. You are also able to swap out ingredients for premium ones. For example, you can swap out a recipe that uses salmon with a better ingredient like halibut.

How What a Crock Compares: Sun Basket is incredibly environmentally conscious which makes it tough to beat in terms of sustainability. However, Sun Basket fails where their ingredients are usually pre-cut and pre-chopped, making it so the consumer has to use the ingredients very quickly before they go bad. With, What a Crock, your crock pot creations are saved in the freezer until you use them. What a Crock has a more expansive product offering, and the portions are cheaper.

5. Home Chef
Home Chef is similar to Blue Apron in the way that they offer a different set of available options each week. However, due to that, the offerings are limited (8-12 options). All options include easy-to-follow recipes. You can also choose a family plan based on how many servings you’ll require.

How What a Crock Compares: Home Chef offers fruit and smoothie options where What a Crock only has options that can be prepared in a crock pot. Home Chef also beats What a Crock’s shipping charges by a slim margin. However, What a Crock’s menu is more robust with lower prices per serving, on average.

Why What a Crock Meals are the best options

We believe that there are quite a few reasons why What a Crock meals are the best meal kit delivery service:


Everyone loves processed foods. A lot of us were raised on processed foods due to how cheap they are, how long their shelf life is, and how easy they are to keep around when you live a busy life and need a quick bite. One of the downsides to processed foods, though, is that they tend to be much less healthy than meals equipped with fresh ingredients. These processed foods are usually found with harmful ingredients such as preservatives, other artificial ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup, and sugar. These ingredients are one of the main causes of obesity in the United States and also contribute to other health-related issues. Our crockpot creations are all healthy meals. It’s also important to note that slow cookers use water and time to cook food, as opposed to added oils and fats found in other traditional, ready-made meals. What a Crock’s healthy crock pot meals cater to dietary restrictions such as vegetarian options and gluten-free ones as well.

More variety and creativity

The best meal kits seem to offer many options but not a lot of variety. With What a Crock Meals To Go, you have the option to choose from more than just dinner options. On top of dinners, we offer dips, soups, sides, and multiple dessert options to always have something new for your weekly recipes. We also offer bundles where we select a group of items that pair well together. For example, our Trip to Italy bundle features some Italian favorites such as Grandma’s Homemade Meatballs, Sausage Scallopini, Chicken Marsala, Tomato Basil Bisque, and more. We also have a No Gluten for Me bundle which brings some of our favorite, gluten-free crock pot meals together.

When you’re busy or crunched for time

Goodbye, unhealthy fast food and takeout. Hello, healthy crock pot meals delivered. No matter how busy your schedule may possibly be, prepared crock pot meals are the best solution for saving you time and money while also giving you optimal convenience when meal prepping. Your slow cooker is best for healthy, simple, and wholesome prepared meals that you and your family can enjoy at the end of any long day. Slow cooked crock pot creations are perfect for days that you’d rather spend by the pool or relaxing on a hammock instead of running around the kitchen. There are tons of summer-ready crockpot options available that would make any outdoor dinner or barbeques complete such as philly cheesesteak dip, old bay crab chowder, slow cooker steak sandwiches, and more.


Unlike the meals found in other dinner delivery services, What a Crock’s meals can all be frozen after they are prepared. This means that you can make a meal and freeze whatever you don’t use for a later time! This not only reduces food waste but also saves your budget. And what better way to save cooking time than by saving it twice?

Easy to make

What if we told you that it is possible to make an entire meal for your family in one single step without doing any prep work? It’s true! Most competitors require about 40-70 minutes of prep time. Cooking is so easy with a crock pot. Open up one of your What a Crock meals, pour it into the crock pot, cook, and serve. That’s it. You are able to set up your slow cooker in the morning before heading out and when you come home dinner is done and ready to serve. Also, most slow cooker recipes are so simple and require no culinary skills.

Clean up is a breeze

With other meal kit delivery services such as HelloFresh and Blue Apron, you’re given the task of preparing the meal yourself. This means cutting up all of the veggies, using multiple pots and pans to cook the dishes, and making a mess of your kitchen. With our prepared crock pot meals, there is no prep work associated with the meal that will make a mess of your kitchen. The only aspect that is in need of cleaning is your crock pot. You’re able to spend that time you would have wasted by preparing the meal on other parts of life such as hanging out with friends and family.

Food tastes better

Slowly cooking meat in a crockpot can effectively soften even the toughest of meats. In addition, you are able to purchase cuts of meat that are less expensive and would be tougher to chew if they were prepared on the stove or in the oven. There is a lower chance of your food being scorched or burnt due to the low temperatures that a crockpot uses to cook.

What a Crock: The Meal Delivery Service You Need

What a Crock began with a simple idea: produce healthy crockpot meals that help families save time and money. We have retail locations in Brookhaven, Garnet Valley, Ridley, Chestnut Hill and Quakertown. Make planning dinner easy without bundles. Choose from seafood, pork, chicken, sandwiches, soups, vegetables and more! Call us today at (484) 474-0451 or visit our website to place an order. Don’t forget we have gift cards!

This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC: a full-service digital marketing, public relations, advertising and content marketing firm located in Philadelphia, PA

Brieanna West, Founder
What a Crock Meals To Go
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How the CIO, CDO and CMO can join forces to drive digital innovation

Jane Alexander, Chief Digital & Information Officer, The Cleveland Museum of Art

Sue Workman, VP for University Technology/CIO, Case Western Reserve University

Tracy Marek, Executive Vice President of Marketing/Chief Marketing Officer for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena

Hear from local women leaders in tech and marketing who will discuss their ​evolving​ roles ​in step with the​ technology advances ​of​ today’s marketplace

In its 12th year, the Amplify speaker series continues to seek thought leaders that educate, inspire and provide a networking opportunity for executives and business leaders in Northeast Ohio”

— Renee DeLuca Dolan, Founder, President of Contempo Design + Communications


CLEVELAND, OH (July, 23, 2018) Business leaders will convene at the September Amplify event to learn about relevant topics in tech. Speakers will discuss topics including who owns the tech stack at their companies and how their company CIOs, CMOs and CDOs communicate internally and externally about new technologies being employed in their organizations. The Amplify Speaker Series is produced by Contempo Design + Communications and gold sponsors Kent State University’s College of Business Administration and Expedient.

The networking and luncheon program will take place on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at the DoubleTree Tudor Arms Hotel at 11:30 a.m. and is open to the public.

Deborah Spake, Dean of the College of Business Administration at Kent State University, will facilitate the program that will feature local tech and marketing leaders who will discuss their ​evolving​ roles ​with the​ technology advances ​of​ today’s marketplace. Each guest speaker will present a 10-minute “TED-style” talk, followed by audience Q&A.

Brad Nellis, Director of Market Strategy for Expedient’s Cleveland market will discuss the state of technology in NEO. Prior to joining Expedient, Nellis was Executive Director of OHTec (formerly NEOSA), the technology association for northeast Ohio.

Topics and Presenters:

– Jane Alexander, Chief Digital & Information Officer, The Cleveland Museum of Art, is responsible for technology implementation and digital strategies, as well as long-term strategic planning. Under her leadership, the CMA completed the award-winning Gallery One and ArtLens Gallery that transformed the museum into one of the most technologically advanced and engaging art destinations in the world.

– Tracy Marek, Executive Vice President of Marketing/Chief Marketing Officer for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena, and has over 20 years of marketing and event production experience in the professional sports and entertainment industries. Tracy will discuss how her role and that of the CIO and CDO have evolved in her 15+ years at the CAVS organization.

– Sue Workman, VP for University Technology/CIO at Case Western Reserve University, will discuss the areas of responsibility in higher-ed IT and how these differ from typical businesses, the innovative CWRU facilities, how CWRU is using holograms to teach and teamwork at the C-level in higher-ed IT. Sue is responsible for creating the vision and strategies that enable the delivery of technology solutions supporting the university’s mission of teaching, learning, and research, along with the day-to-day functions of the university.

Tickets can be purchased in advance for $45 each and tables of eight and sponsor packages are available at www.contempocleveland/events

About Amplify ​:

​The Amplify Speaker Series is a program presented by Contempo Design + Communications, a full-service design and communications firm founded by Renée DeLuca Dolan in 1996 and headquartered in Warrensville Heights. The program, now in its 12th year, brings business and community thought leaders together for an active forum on issues of relevance to greater Cleveland.

​Find more details on the event and sponsorship opportunities visit and our social channels. Follow our topic discussions at ​#AmplifyCleveland

Renee DeLuca Dolan
Contempo Design + Communication
email us here

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Operation Barbecue Relief Deploys to Carr Fire in California

OBR Command Center, a modified 18-wheeler, donated by Prairie Fresh, rolls into action

Operation Barbecue Relief (OBR) sent its Command Center, Smoker trailer “Boss Hog” and expert team of barbecue chefs and other volunteers to Redding, California

As victims absorb the true impact of the disaster, we hope to provide them with some help through friendship and a hot meal during the toughest times,”

— Stan Hays, co-founder and CEO of OBR

PECULIAR, MO, US, July 31, 2018 / — Operation Barbecue Relief Deploys to Carr Fire in California
Marking its first major deployment of 2018, Operation Barbecue Relief (OBR) sent its Command Center, Smoker trailer “Boss Hog” with a capacity to provide 75000 number of meals per day, and expert team of barbecue chefs and other volunteers to Redding, California this week to provide hot barbecue meals for the victims displaced by the wildfire and the first responders who are battling the blaze.
The Command Center, sponsored by Prairie Fresh/Seaboard, a modified 18-wheeler, and accompanying trailer with five commercial smokers provided by Ole Hickory Pits and a 60,000 watt generator provided by Sunbelt Rentals, is scheduled to arrive on site on Tuesday and will prepare upwards of 6,000 meals per day. The Salvation Army will deliver these meals to the four main evacuation centers in the region.
OBR’s mission is to respond to natural disasters and other situations to help feed displaced residents and emergency personnel. This effort is made possible by the generous donations of food, supplies and funding from across the country.
“As victims absorb the true impact of the disaster, we hope to provide them with some help through friendship and a hot meal during the toughest times,” stated Stan Hays, co-founder and CEO of OBR. “We have a network of volunteers in every state and our California team is ready to go.”
Since its inception in May 2011, OBR has served more than 1.75 million meals with the help of 6500 volunteers. It’s been deployed for a total of 252 days in 46 communities in 24 different states around the U.S.
OBR depends on donations and volunteers to make a difference. Please visit to learn how to help.

David Marks
Operation BBQ Relief, Chief Marketing Officer
email us here

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P2Sample Announces Strong First Half Growth; On Pace to Achieve 10 Million Completes in 2018



Leading sample provider reports tremendous half-yearly growth due in part to technology adoption, new solution introduction and an increase in global business

As a sample supplier, we can have a significant impact on data quality, which is why we focus on bringing the most advanced solutions in automation and other new technologies to the table.”

— Mathijs de Jong, CEO of P2Sample

ATLANTA, GA, USA, July 31, 2018 / — P2Sample, an industry leader in technology-driven sample solutions for the market research industry, announced 62 percent year-over-year revenue growth for the first half of 2018. In the same period, survey completes grew comparably and the company is on pace to achieve 10 million completes by the end of calendar year 2018. P2Sample, which operates in more than 150 countries around the globe, is a pioneer in the implementation of new technology in the sample space.

“We know that, as a sample supplier, we can have a significant impact on data quality for our clients, which is why we focus on bringing the most advanced solutions in automation and other new technologies to the table,” said Mathijs de Jong, CEO of P2Sample. “Our continued growth is the result of this commitment. We’ve been able to help improve respondent satisfaction rates, reduce fraud and create efficiencies that result in better outcomes.”

With a global reach of 40 million opted-in panel members across more than 150 countries, P2Sample specializes in providing respondents even in hard-to-reach demographics. This level of reach, coupled with a forward-thinking approach to sample in the digital age, has helped to drive the company’s growth this year. In June, the company introduced its new DIY sample tool, P2Solo, which allows clients to harness the power of the P2Sample platform with a simple and intuitive interface. It also recently published a free e-book: The Ultimate Buyers Guide: How to Select a Sample Supplier.

P2Sample has consistently been named on national lists for growth, most recently included in Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 500 and the 2017 Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies.

About P2Sample
P2Sample is the most sophisticated programmatic sample provider in the market research industry, with an active member panel of 40+ million members worldwide, including in hard-to-reach demographics. As a technology-driven company, P2Sample leads the way in implementing new approaches and techniques that deliver better quality data. From proprietary algorithms that optimize respondent experience and engagement to artificial intelligence that works continuously to mitigate fraud, P2Sample is an agile, innovative and dependable sample partner that provides data its clients can trust.


Art Siegert
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AEBICON Group Signs MOU with the Private Office of H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Nehayan for 3TECH SUMMIT

Signing of MOU between the Private Office of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Nehayan and AEBICON Group DMCC

Members of the Private Office of H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Nehayan and AEBICON Group Management

An MOU between AEBICON Group DMCC and The Private office of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Alnehayan was signed towards the upcoming 3TECH SUMMIT.

DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, July 31, 2018 / — The 3TECH Summit brings together global leading experts in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Internet of Things to challenge them on how these 3TECHnologies will converge in the future. Organized by AEBICON Group DMCC, this is the first event of its kind and is due to be held on 15Th October 2018 in Dubai.

In a ceremony held on the 30th of July 2018, The Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Alnehayan and AEBICON Group DMCC signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formalize the strategic partnership between both parties. In addition to the endorsement by H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Alnehayan, the 3TECH Summit also has as official ambassadors, Adam Ladjadj, CEO of AE Capital and Ari Zoldan, a tech expert, and frequent contributor to CNN, Fox News, and NBC.

With the United Arab Emirates' continuous support towards technologies of the future, this partnership once again reaffirms the country’s progressive and ambitious technological agenda.

The 3TECH Summit aims to incorporate high-level debates, panel presentations, and technical sessions while uniting world tech leaders and creating a unique platform for discussions about the future.

Francis Ifie
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FREE sdi7 HIIT Workouts and Self Defense & Safety Seminar in Washington D.C August 3 & 4

FREE sdi7 HIIT Self Defense and Safety Seminar Washington DC Aug 3rd & 4th

FREE sdi7 HIIT Self Defense and Safety Seminar Washington DC Aug 3rd & 4th

Actions Conquer Tragedy The Reagan Tokes Story

Actions Conquer Tragedy The Reagan Tokes Story

sdi7 HIIT Creator Self Defense and Fitness Expert Rob Fletcher

sdi7 HIIT Creator Self Defense and Fitness Expert Rob Fletcher

FREE sdi7 HIIT Workouts and Self Defense & Safety Seminar in Washingtom D.C August 3 & 4. Self Defense and Fitness expert introduces NEW Workout sdi7 HIIT.

By taking the sdi7 HIIT program you put you and your loved ones out of the category of being the perfect victim”

— Rob Fletcher

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2018 / — Self Defense and Fitness expert Rob Fletcher introduces a new dynamic program and workout: sdi7 HIIT and Self Defense Workout for Women. Available as 6-week programs, seminars, and presentations. Offered to health clubs, gyms, colleges, universities, high schools, and special event workshops. This active workshop is customized according to needs and objectives. This includes time allowance and the topics of College Campus Safety, Prevention, and Awareness.

sdi7 HIIT is a series of 7-minute interval workouts which includes fighting skills, self-defense, effective street combative techniques, boxing, MMA drills, kickboxing, strength and conditioning, abdominal and core work. By implementing this into your workouts you are reinforcing the skills of self-defense through repetition. Turning the skill into a reaction, and a reflex.

The 90-minute seminar includes:
* Things you should be aware of: Facts and Statistics
* Safety, Prevention, and Situational Awareness. Advice, and tips.
* Psychology: The mindset and the zones: Red, Yellow, Green, and Gray
* What to do if attacked.
* Where and how to strike.
* Fighting skills and drills.
* The Target areas.
* Self-defense against common attacks.
* The Workout: putting together what was learned into a 7-minute interval workout.

Rob Fletcher – Creator of the sdi7 Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Program and the sdi7 HIIT Workouts. He is a Black Belt. Self Defense & Fitness expert. A former North American Kickboxing Champion, and member of the World Champion US Kickboxing Team. Inducted into the Black Belt Masters Hall of Fame. Listed in The Who’s Who of Martial Arts. Honored with the Joe Lewis PKA Eternal Warrior Award. Author of America’s Next Great Trainer Transform Your Life.

Actions Conquer Tragedy. The Reagan Tokes Story. 
Rob was enlisted by the Tokes family who lost they're 21-year-old daughter Reagan. Reagan was abducted, robbed, raped and murdered February 8, 2017. Much of what he does will benefit the Action Conquers Tragedy Movement and the Reagan Delaney Tokes Memorial Foundation. Launching national programs, seminars and sdi7 HIIT Trainer Certifications which will be offered to high schools, colleges, universities, health clubs and fitness studios, businesses and for organized special events. The sdi7 HIIT program is designed to educate and raise awareness. Providing the knowledge and skills of self-defense. How to fight back. Where and how to strike to survive an attack. For more information, you can visit

Lisa McCrary-Tokes – Founder of the Action Conquers Tragedy Movement and the Reagan Delaney Memorial Foundation. Lisa along with her husband Toby is a driving force responsible for bringing to fruition the legislative change known as the Reagan Tokes ACT. Designed to prevent the horrific tragedy which they have experienced, the abduction, rape, and murder of their 21-year-old daughter Reagan. The Reagan Tokes Act has bipartisan support from Senator Kevin Bacon, House of Representatives Kristin Boggs, Senator Sean O’Brien and House of Representatives Jim Hughes. The Reagan Tokes ACT is the difference between protecting and saving innocent lives as opposed to losing them. Lisa is a Certified trainer herself, 200-hour ERYT, and YogaFit Instructor. Both have common motivation, purpose, and intention. Lisa will be working with Rob to become a sdi7 HIIT certified trainer.
Schedule or host an event at your college or university. sdi7 College Campus Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Program and experience the awesome sdi7 HIIT Workouts.
Email for more information. 
Instagram: @sdi7hiit

Guest appearances on events, radio and television talk shows or further information please email:
Media Contact: Rob Fletcher 845-406-5069

Robert Gerard Fletcher
ANGT, LLC Ameirca's Next Great Trainer
email us here

NEW sdi7 HIIT Learn Self Defense. How to Fight Back! Sculpt, tone, burn calories and torch the fat.

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The Top 10 Streaming Mobile Apps Of 2018, Researched By DesignRush

61% of 18 to 29-year-olds alone watch TV through a streaming service, proving that easy-to-use mobile applications are the future of online growth.

Other brands – include those in different industries – will find value in the strong branding and intuitive design these apps bring forth.”

— Gabriel Shaoolian

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2018 / — Music and video apps continue to climb in popularity, with 61 percent of consumers between ages 18 and 29 watching TV through a streaming service or device. However, these platforms need to demonstrate effective user experience and strong functionality in order to find success in a saturated market., an online destination that helps businesses discover the best designs, latest marketing trends and effective online growth strategies, announced the best mobile streaming apps of 2018.

The top mobile streaming apps include:

1. Netflix
2. Spotify
3. Hulu
4. Tidal
5. Amazon Prime Video
6. Apple Music
7. HBO Go
8. iHeartRadio
9. YouTube TV
10. Pandora

Each application was chosen based on effective core functionality, user experience, mobile app design and popularity. The digital platforms all draw in millions of monthly users and demonstrate an intuitive interface that all professional mobile apps could benefit from.

“Mobile apps are increasingly used to translate a brand’s core services to new audiences,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. “These streaming apps demonstrate how a structured transition from mobile-friendly site to application can solve a lot of user problems and improve overall experience. Other brands – include those in different industries – will find value in the strong branding and intuitive design these apps bring forth.”

By the end of this year, there will be approximately 2.53 billion smartphone users worldwide. In addition, mobile apps will generate around $189 billion in U.S. revenue by the year 2020, proving that brand-specific app interfaces are worth investing in long-term.

Businesses that need their own user-friendly mobile app for their business can find a comprehensive list of the best mobile app design and development agencies on DesignRush to create this new digital platform.

In addition to robust roundups, DesignRush allows users to search the:

Best Website Designs
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Best Videos

In each category, users can filter best designs by industry and style. The powerful database of successful designs ensures that growing businesses can quickly discover the inspiration necessary to evolve in the digital age.

About DesignRush: is a digital destination to inspire creativity and the discovery of marketing, design and technology trends. The company was founded by Gabriel Shaoolian, an experienced entrepreneur and digital marketing expert.

DesignRush’s Best Designs section showcases the best designs in web, logo, print, packaging, mobile apps and video. Users can filter best designs by industry. DesignRush also features comprehensive articles in the Trends & Insights section, such as:

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In addition to showcasing the best designs, DesignRush features the top agencies around the world, including the best Digital Agencies, Mobile App Design & Development Companies, Website Design Companies & Digital Marketing Agencies.


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