Rosanne Hanley to give out free dental needs to 3 people

Rosanne Hanley

Rosanne Hanley

Proper dental care is imperative in maintaining a healthy smile.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2018 / — With the cost of both routine and cosmetic dentistry rising every year, Rosanne Hanley has stepped forward to help.

Social activist Hanley is looking to sponsor a round of dental care for 3 individuals who may otherwise be unable to afford the treatment or care they need.

The Florida-based fundraiser said of the idea, "A healthy, happy smile is worth a thousand words, but it occurred to me recently that not everyone has the luxury of access to quality dental care."

She continued, "Even routine check-ups can be expensive, while corrective and emergency procedures can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars."

By sponsoring three local individuals, keen volleyball player Hanley hopes she can make a real difference to their happiness and well-being.

"I want to literally put a smile on someone's face!" says an excited Hanley.

A recent study of dentistry prices in the US revealed that the national average cost of a dental exam is now $275 without insurance. This includes an oral exam, basic cleaning, and any necessary X-rays. In more expensive areas, the same visit can cost upwards of $500.

Many dental check-ups call for further treatment, which is where costs can really begin to mount.

The same report revealed that on average, a large filling now costs in excess of $170, while a tooth extraction will set a patient back $280.

Meanwhile, a root canal and bridge both cost over $680 on average, while a crown is likely to cost anywhere from $600-$1,200 depending on the material used.

A necessity for many older patients, denture prices start from $420 on average, while dental implants cost from $1,900 per tooth.

Rosanne Hanley appreciates that these costs are out of reach for many people.

"If you're not insured, visiting the dentist can become impossible due to the costs involved," she says.

"I hate the thought of anyone being in pain or otherwise unhappy because they cannot afford even simple attention from a dentist."

Hanley is hopeful that others will follow in her footsteps by sponsoring dental care for people less fortunate in their area.

"It's about giving something back to your local community," says Hanley. "I like to think that if I was in need, my friends and neighbors would reach out with help. That's the mindset I'm trying to foster in people everywhere!"

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